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On 17 June 2020 MPs voted 253 to 136 to approve regulations which impose an extreme abortion regime on Northern Ireland.

Under the new regulations, abortion is allowed up to the point of birth for all disabilities, including cleft lip, club foot and Down’s syndrome. The regulations also introduce de-facto abortion on demand through to 24-weeks and allow sex-selective abortion through to 12-weeks.

You can find out how your MP voted by entering your postcode on this page. Once you have found out how your MP voted you will have the option of sending them an email with your feedback on their vote. We encourage you to send this email as tohis will ensure those who voted against the regulations are thanked and that those who abstained or voted for the regulations know that their constituents are unhappy with this.

Further information on the new extreme abortion regulations introduced by these regulations is available here.

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Find out if your MP voted to impose an extreme abortion regime on Northern Ireland