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Email your MP to ask them to stop forced abortions in the UK

Thank you to everyone who made it along to the Stand With Her demonstration last night. There was a really good turnout for the evening. You can read more about the demonstration here.


The horrific original ruling should never have happened in the first place. It is totally unacceptable that a mother had to go to the Court of Appeal to stop the state forcing a late-term abortion on her daughter.

This is not a one-off case. Women are being forced by hospitals to have abortions and this must stop. We must ensure this never happens again.

Please click the button below and take 30-seconds to write to you your MP.

We have set-up a pre-written letter asking your MP to write to the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, asking him to outline how many women have been forced by hospitals to have abortions and that he urgently outline a plan to ensure that no women is ever forced by a hospital to have an abortion in the UK ever again.