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Pregnant golf pro “very shocked” at censorship of her pro-life views

Amy Olson, an American professional golfer on the LPGA Tour, was shocked after a recent interview, in which she expressed her pro-life views, was never published. 

Olson made it into the news earlier this year when she played at the US Women’s Open whilst seven months pregnant, visibly showing her baby bump for her first child. 

During the tournament, Olson was interviewed by Steve Eubanks, a former writer for the Global Golf Post. The interview focused on the player’s pregnancy and the fact that she was continuing to play in the US Women’s Open whilst seven months pregnant. 

Over the course of the interview, however, the conversation turned to abortion and the golfer’s Christian faith. Having been interviewed by Eubanks in the past, Olson was familiar with him and trusted him as an interviewer. She shared “I felt comfortable speaking about the experience that I’d lived through in the last couple of years”.

Olson “very shocked” by censorship

However, Olson’s interview was never published. Eubanks was told by his executive editor and publisher that the article would only be published “if we take out the abortion and the Christian stuff”. 

The 31-year-old golf pro said that she was “very shocked” that the interview did not run, not least because she assumed it might interest people and drive traffic to the media websites. 

Media outlet, The Blaze, has published excerpts from the original interview, which shows Olson drawing attention to the humanity of her unborn child. 

“I will say that the irony is not lost on me that, one year ago, when Roe v. Wade was overturned, I was playing in a major championship outside Washington, D.C., and women from around the world, and even on tour, were outraged. Now, a year later, people are celebrating that I’m going to be playing a major championship with an unborn child that they recognize as a life”.

“Even on Golf Channel, one of the hosts said that instead of 156, this year there will be 157 players in the field, recognizing that our child is a human being who will be out there with me”.

“That irony is not lost on me. I celebrate that our general humanity and common sense knows why this is something special”.

Interviewer quits “on the spot” over censorious editorial decision

Eubanks, who conducted the initial interview, has said that he resigned “on the spot” in response to the censorship of Olson’s views. Having worked at the outlet for 12 years, Eubanks said that he could not accept working for an organisation that would only publish an article if it removed pro-life and Christian views. 

Whilst praising Eubank’s integrity, Olson has hit out at media outlets for what she calls “a lack of journalistic integrity” shown by their desire to edit out some of her views. 

Right To Life UK spokesperson, Catherine Robinson, said “Sadly, censorship of pro-life views is all too common. We are witnessing cases in the UK of pro-life people being arrested for expressing their views”. 

“Olson’s and Eubanks’ courage to stand up for what is right with integrity is an inspirational example to pro-life people. We need to continue to be voices speaking with love and sensitivity about the right to life of babies in the womb”.

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