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Foetal Sentience Committee Bill passes Second Reading

We wanted to make contact with more good news.

Lord Moylan’s Foetal Sentience Committee Bill has passed its Second Reading in the House of Lords without a division, as is the convention in the Lords, and will now proceed onto Committee Stage.

A number of Peers spoke in support of this important Bill. 

While making the case for his Bill, Lord Moylan pointed out that there are currently legal protections for dog foetuses from seven weeks gestation onwards, but there is no equivalent legislation for human unborn babies (you can read more about this and the wider debate in the article I have linked to below).

The Foetal Sentience Committee Bill proposes creating a committee that operates on an ongoing basis as a source of evidence-based, scientific expertise on the sentience of the unborn child and the Committee would advise the Government on the formulation of relevant policy and legislation.

While it is rare for Lords Private Members’ Bills to become law, this Bill is putting the humanity of the unborn child firmly on the radar in Parliament. 

It is helping raise the profile of this issue and build further momentum for changes to our abortion legislation that will save the lives of unborn children and provide more support for women facing unplanned pregnancies.

We have just published an article on Right To Life News which has full coverage of the debate and includes videos of speeches given by Peers.

You can view the article by clicking here