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GE19 Oppose Assisted Suicide Pledge

In the next parliament, there is likely to be an attempt to introduce assisted suicide.

All major disability rights groups in Britain oppose any change in the law believing it will lead to increased prejudice towards people with disabilities and increase pressure on them to end their lives.

Ask your candidate to sign the pledge to oppose the introduction of assisted suicide and support palliative care at the end of life.

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Vicki’s Story

Vicki, who has a terminal brain tumour, knows what it’s like to want to die. She also knows what it’s like to want to live.

Watching recent high-profile cases of young women with brain tumours seeking a doctor’s assistance to die by a lethal dose, she has felt extremely vulnerable – like she was being selfish by not ending her life.

Laws send messages, and they have an impact beyond those who campaign for them so loudly and forcefully. Vicki doesn’t want the law to tell her that her life is of lesser value than the lives of able-bodied people.


This video is from the critically-acclaimed Defend NZ documentaries. You can see the full series and read more about the Defend NZ campaign here.

Ask your local representatives to take the Both Lives Pledge