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UK Parliament

2020 11 27 Buffer zones
November 27, 2020

Single mum takes Council to European Court over ban on supporting women facing crisis pregnancies…

Covid travel ban relaxed to allow people to end their lives overseas
November 6, 2020

One-way ticket to death? Covid travel ban relaxed to allow people to end their lives…

ds girl
October 23, 2020

MPs fear prenatal testing will result in discriminatory abortions against babies with Down's syndrome

uk parliament aerial
September 15, 2020

Large turnout of MPs and Peers hear about dangers of assisted suicide

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July 7, 2020

Pro-life victory as major attempt to introduce Europe’s most extreme abortion law fails

diana johnson baby 1
July 3, 2020

Radical abortion amendments tabled to Domestic Abuse Bill

uk parliament dark 1
June 17, 2020

MPs vote to approve extreme abortion regime in Northern Ireland

Stand up and smile campaign
May 24, 2020

Action alert - Ask your MP to support the Abortion (Cleft lip, cleft palate and…

NI Abortion Share 1
May 16, 2020

Update and action alert for people living in Northern Ireland

NI Share Image 1
May 11, 2020

Northern Ireland abortion regulations to be rewritten

NI Share Image 1
May 7, 2020

Action alert - Ask your MP to vote against extreme abortion regulations for Northern Ireland

assisted suicide article
March 13, 2020

Assisted suicide will save NHS money and provide organs, researchers argue

marie stopes international
October 7, 2019

Parliamentary motion launched to cut millions of taxpayer funding for overseas abortion provider

diana johnson mp
October 3, 2019

Pro-abortion MP confirms plan to hijack Domestic Abuse Bill with extreme abortion proposals

Northern Ireland Executive formation report
September 10, 2019

MPs decry 'total legal chaos' that will result from NI's new abortion regime

Commons approve abortion amendment
July 19, 2019

Westminster votes to force abortion on NI. 13 weeks left for people of Northern Ireland…