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Down syndrome

Downs syndrome blood test birth rate
January 5, 2021

Number of British babies born with Down’s syndrome halved as parents opt for new screening…

noah yami johnson
October 31, 2020

Mother of baby with Down's syndrome repeatedly pressured to abort

heidi cater maire lea wilson high court
October 19, 2020

High Court to hear landmark case against discriminatory abortion law

downs syndrome carla lockhart
October 1, 2020

MP criticises UK Government for imposing discriminatory disability abortion on Northern Ireland

scotland downs syndrome
September 29, 2020

Down's syndrome abortions likely to increase after Scottish Govt announce roll-out of new scheme

heidi crowter Amazon bbc t shirt
September 18, 2020

Woman with Down's syndrome criticises Amazon over offensive clothing

down syndrome tee sally phillips
September 14, 2020

Actress Sally Philips criticises Amazon for Down's syndrome extinction t-shirts

down syndomr denmark
September 11, 2020

Down's syndrome births at an all-time low in Denmark

UK Government Down's syndrome screening programme NIPT
August 6, 2020

Down’s syndrome abortions likely to increase after UK Govt announce rollout of new scheme

down syndrome arabella kim
July 18, 2020

Baby girl with Down's syndrome, given just 10% chance of survival, celebrates first birthday

heidi crowter
July 11, 2020

Over 35,000 watch woman with Down's syndrome marry, ahead of disability abortion challenge

2019 abortion Stats article 1
June 11, 2020

Abortion at all-time high: 209,519 lives lost in 2019

george birthday 1
June 1, 2020

Northern Ireland’s oldest man with Down’s syndrome throws support behind pro-life motion

carla heidi 1
May 30, 2020

Pro-life MP Carla Lockhart declares support for disability abortion challenge as High Court papers are…

biotech firm china cash cow abortion down syndrome 1
May 20, 2020

'Screening out' babies with Down's syndrome seen as 'cash cow' for Chinese firm

down syndrome girl
April 15, 2020

Babies with Down’s syndrome could be protected under proposed pro-life law in Poland