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Syndication programme

Join other leading publications from around the world who syndicate our news articles

The Right To Life News Syndication Programme allows online and print media outlets the opportunity to republish any content from the Right To Life News service for free.

We want our pro-life content to reach as many people as possible, and so we publish our news content under a Creative Commons license.

Currently, there are a number of leading online and print outlets from around the world who republish our news articles and they have told us they get a large amount of traffic onto many of these pages. All our articles are designed to bring important life issues topics to life and they go through our full fact-checking process, which is overseen by Right To Life News Editor-in-Chief, Dr Gregory Jackson.

To receive an email notification when a news article that can be republished is posted on our website, please click here.

Content is published under a Creative Commons — Attribution/No derivatives license. This means you are free to republish our articles online or in print for free, provided you follow these guidelines:

  • You must ensure that the canonical URL on the page where the article is published is set to the original URL for the article. Full instructions on doing this in around 30 seconds are listed below.
  • You must credit “Right To Life UK” and include a link back to the article . Our preference is a credit at the top of the article.
  • You cannot edit our content, except to reflect relative changes in time, location and editorial style. If you do wish to edit the content, you will need to ask Right To Life UK for approval prior to publication via the following email address:
  • You cannot sell our material separately, but you are permitted to put our articles on pages with ads.
  • You have to ensure you are licensed to republish images in our articles. Most of the images we use can be republished without copyright concerns as they are from websites that provide free stock images. However, some images cannot be republished without permission or payment. You are welcome to omit our images or substitute them with your own. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained the necessary rights to use any images that are published with an article. Charts and interactive graphics follow the same rules.
  • Special cases:
    • Extracts: you can run the first few lines or paragraphs of the article and then say: “Read the full article at Right To Life UK” with a link back to the article.
    • Quotes: you are free to quote authors provided you include a link back to the article URL.
    • Translations: are permitted.
    • Print: articles can be published in print under these same rules. Although we do not require it, we would appreciate it if you would send an image of the republished article along with a readership estimate to
    • Podcast and video: are also covered by Creative Commons and the same attribution requirements apply.

How to add a canonical URL to a WordPress post on Yoast SEO or Rank Math

For both plugins, please ensure the canonical URL is the full URL of the original article. For example, the canonical URL for this article would be the full URL as follows: (

Setting Canonical URLs in Yoast SEO

  1. Edit the Post/Page.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Advanced’ section of the Yoast SEO sidebar. (Note: the Advanced section in the meta box is part of the SEO tab. 4).
  3. Change the Canonical URL to the original Right To Life UK post URL, including https:// in the ‘Canonical URL’ field.
  4. Save the Post/Page.

A full tutorial can be found here.

Setting Canonical URLs in Rank Math

  1. Edit the Post/Page.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Advanced Tab’ of Rank Math.
  3. Change the Canonical URL to the original Right To Life UK post URL, including https:// in the ‘Canonical URL’ field.
  4. Save the Post/Page.

A full tutorial can be found here

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