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Thank you for offering to help out the campaign by adding your support.

If you have cleft lip, cleft palate or club foot, or have a family member with one of these conditions and want to support the campaign, please fill in the form below and we’ll add you as a supporter of the campaign.

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    • The photo should either be of you or your child (it is fine to also have other family members in the photo, if they are happy to be included in the photo). If possible, we are looking for people to hold a photo of them pre-treatment of their condition so that we can help educate the public on the fact that these conditions are treatable. If you are not able to provide a photo set-up in this way, we are more than happy to accept photos from supporters of the campaign which just have you or your child in the photo.

    • It would be most helpful if you can upload the most high-resolution photo versions you have.