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Update on progress

Earlier this week, we informed you about the serious assault we are facing across three critical fronts. Our opponents are attempting to make widespread changes to legislation on abortion and testing on embryos, as well as trying to introduce assisted suicide. 

If these major threats from our opposition are successful, it would be a catastrophe. Thousands of lives would be lost.

That is why we are grateful for the initial support we’ve seen from people like you. We are 63% of the way to our goal of raising £100,000, which will allow us to fight back against their efforts. But we’re not there yet…

63 percent urgent appeal to save lives - web

With 37% remaining, we urge you to give generously today. You can help us to create a culture that values life and prevent laws that permit the deaths of thousands of unborn children.

Your donation will ensure that we can work to stop the onslaught from our opposition during this critical time.