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Take action – Ask your MP to oppose the extreme abortion framework

You will likely recall that late last year Baroness O’Loan joined a number of prominent people from across the community in Northern Ireland condemning the UK Government’s proposed abortion framework for Northern Ireland.

Thousands of you responded to the Government’s consultation on the proposed abortion framework which goes far beyond the existing law in England and Wales, and that of the Republic of Ireland. The proposals also goes far beyond what the Government is required to do by the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019. 

The Government’s Northern Ireland Office is now reviewing submissions and deciding whether to go ahead with introducing the extreme framework that they have proposed.


This evening we have launched our Protect women, Save lives: Stop the extreme abortion framework campaign to educate the public and MPs on how extreme this proposed framework is.

It is vital that it is clear to MPs that there is a backlash from the community against this proposed framework and that MPs take action to stop the officials in the Northern Ireland Office, who are driving this extreme change, from being allowed to steamroll this extreme abortion regime through.

Please click the button below to write to your MP asking them to take action on this issue and to write to the Prime Minister asking him to stop the introduction of this proposed extreme abortion framework. It only takes 30-seconds.

We need a very big response on this one, so once you have emailed your MP, please do encourage friends and family to email their MP.