Abortion provider Planned Parenthood gets endorsement from musicians in attempt to salvage its reputation

Singers Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande

Over 130 musicians have signed an open letter in opposition to a wave of pro-life legislation across the United States.

After a string of high-profile incidents which have damaged its public reputation, the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, has organised an open letter, which now has the support of 137 musicians, objecting to pro-life laws in an attempt to bolster its public image.

The musicians who signed the letter include: Alanis Morissette, Ariana Grande, Beck, Carly Rae Jepsen, Demi Lovato, the Foo Fighters, John Legend, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Macklemore, Meghan Trainor, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Nine Inch Nails, Norah Jones, Pussy Riot,, Selena Gomez, and T-Pain.

Planned Parenthood’s ‘Bans off my body’ campaign states that “Musicians across the country are standing in solidarity with Planned Parenthood,” 

The letter itself claims that women “cannot be truly free or equal” without abortion and calls on politicians to “Get your [abortion] bans off my body!”

Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion provider, responsible for performing 332,757 abortions in 2018.

The company has recently faced significant problems with its public image. In the first instance, Planned Parenthood lost their new president after less than a year, for not prioritising abortion enough.

Secondly, they lost an ‘unfair dismissal’ case where they sacked an employee for drawing attention to their illegal and dangerous activities at an abortion centre in Arizona. Planned Parenthood had to pay $3 million compensation.

Finally, they lost $60 million in federal funding over their abortion work.

Seeking to restore that image, and in the run-up to the 2020 presidential campaign, the abortion provider is now seeking to gather half a million signatures on this campaign by January 2020. This will be the 47th anniversary of the Roe vs Wade decision which made abortion legal across all 50 states in the US.

The campaign launched this weekend with a full-page ad in Billboard Magazine, and plans to feature a Planned Parenthood “presence” on various artists’ tours across the US.

17-year-old singer Billie Eilish declared: “I’m proud to be standing up for Planned Parenthood as they fight for fair and equal access to reproductive rights.”

“Artists can highlight how out-of-touch some of our politicians are in this space,” interim Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson told Billboard.

Spokesperson for Right To Life UK Catherine Robinson said:

“This is evidently an attempt to salvage their declining reputation. It is not clear why the endorsement of 137 musicians can do anything to save the reputation of a company which defends abortion on the grounds of sex and race, as well as abortion up to birth. It seems unlikely that all these musicians support this extreme and disturbing position, and they should be ashamed if they are aware of exactly what Planned Parenthood supports and continue to endorse them.”

“Contrary to Planned Parenthood CEO, it is not the politicians advancing pro-life laws who are out of touch but the musicians who signed this letter and Planned Parenthood themselves. According to Gallup polling from 2018, 53% of Americans say abortion say it should be legal few or no circumstances.”

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Abortion on basis of sex and race defended by American abortion provider Planned Parenthood

After most of a Missouri pro-life law was blocked, American abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, has said it will continue to fight that portion of the legislation prohibiting abortions based on race, sex or an in utero diagnosis of Down’s syndrome.

Dr Colleen McNicholas, a chief medical officer with the organisation, said, “Every reason to have an abortion is a valid reason.”

The Missouri ‘Stands for the Unborn Act’, was set to come into force on Wednesday (28/08), but has been temporarily blocked by US District Judge Howard Sachs. Had the law come into effect, it would permit abortion only in medical emergencies after 8 weeks gestation.

Republican Governor Mike Parson said it would allow Missouri to become “one of the strongest pro-life states in the country”.

Mr Sachs said it was not to be enforced, “pending litigation or further order of the court”.

“While federal courts should generally be very cautious before delaying the effect of State laws, the sense of caution may be mitigated when the legislation seems designed, as here, as a protest against Supreme Court decisions,” he said

The Judge’s decision came after Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union sued the state of Missouri. They argued the law was unconstitutional because of its apparent conflict with the Roe vs Wade (1973) Supreme Court decision which made abortion legal across the United States.

However, the judge did permit that portion of the legislation to take effect which prohibits abortion “solely because of a prenatal diagnosis, test, or screening indicating Down Syndrome or the potential of Down Syndrome in an unborn child, or because of the sex or race of the unborn child.”

Planned Parenthood have made clear their intention to fight this portion of the legislation too. They want abortion on the basis of the sex of the unborn child as well as his/her race to be legally permitted.

Dr McNicholas, who works for Planned Parenthood, said “Every reason to have an abortion is a valid reason,”

Planned Parenthood is the USA’s largest abortion provider, performing 332,757 abortions in 2018.

In anticipation of a possible legal challenge to Roe vs Wade, a number of states including , Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee, have introduced strong pro-life legislation which protects unborn life throughout all nine months of pregnancy or from an early gestational age.

At the same time other states such as New York, Nevada, Illinois and Vermont, have introduced their own extreme abortion laws which offer nearly unrestricted access to abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

Due to recent additions to the Supreme Court, many pro-lifers are hopeful that the Court now has enough pro-life judges that, if Roe vs Wade were challenged, there is a reasonable chance that it might be overturned.

Spokesperson for Right To Life UK, Catherine Robinson said:

“Planned Parenthood are openly advocating for sexist and racist abortions. They want it to be legal to end the life of an unborn child because that child is not the desired sex or race.”

“As shocking as this is, the abortion regime soon to be imposed on Northern Ireland (unless Stormont can reconvene) will permit abortion on the basis of sex or race up until 28 weeks (7 months) gestation, which is well past the point of viability.”

American abortion giant president sacked for not prioritising abortion enough

Planned Parenthood director, Dr Leana Wen, was sacked after less than a year leading the company, for not prioritising abortion enough.

Starting in September 2018, Dr Wen led Planned Parenthood – which performed 332,757 abortions making it the largest abortion provider in the USA – until July of this year.

Speaking to the New York Times she said:

“There was immediate criticism [after her hiring] that I did not prioritize abortion enough. While I am passionately committed to protecting abortion access, I do not view it as a stand-alone issue… For me, as a physician, it was also simply good medical care to treat the whole patient.”

“Perhaps the greatest area of tension was over our work to be inclusive of those with nuanced views about abortion,” she wrote. “I reached out to people who wrestle with abortion’s moral complexities,” she added.

Dr Wen’s sacking comes at the same time as increasing numbers of Planned Parenthood employees are leaving the company due to the fact that it company seems to put financial concerns over quality patient care.

Marie Stopes International in the UK has faced similar accusations in recent years with the Care Quality Commission finding a “cattle market” culture in one of their clinics and finding evidence of staff being incentivised to increase abortions through staff bonuses.

In a damning report from 2017, inspectors found evidence of a policy at all 70 Marie Stopes clinics, which saw staff calling women who had decided against having an abortion to offer them another appointment. The report also outlined “doctors signing off consent forms in batches of 60 and failures to follow safety procedures.”

Catherine Robinson from Right To Life UK said:

“Marie Stopes International and Planned Parenthood continue to show they are more concerned with income than with the well-being of their clients.

“At the beginning of August we found that chief executive of Marie Stopes earned £434,500, which included a 100% bonus for his role in providing abortions by the millions across the globe.”

“The amount the head of Marie Stopes was paid in 2018 would put him in the top-10 highest earners in the charity sector.”

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UK Govt announces £13.6 million taxpayer money for US pro-abortion lobby group

In a recent debate in the House of Lords on global gender equality, Baroness Sugg revealed that the Department for International Development (DfID) had increased its funding for the American pro-abortion think tank, the Guttmacher Institute.

On returning from the Women Deliver conference in Vancouver, Baroness Sugg “was also pleased to announce an uplift to [DfID’s] programme with the Guttmacher Institute, bringing our current support to £13.6 million.”

It transpires that DfiD have been working with the pro-abortion think tank in their promotion of sexual and reproductive health and rights, which includes promoting access to abortion.

Historically, the Guttmacher Institute was a part of America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, and continues to have close ties with that organisation.

In 2015, Planned Parenthood were embroiled in a scandal after they were discovered to negotiating the trading of baby body parts for research. Planned Parenthood abortionists were filmed altering how they conducted abortions in order to best harvest the desired organ(s) of the unborn baby.

DfID support for this the Guttmacher Institute is in addition to funding that has previously been provided to other abortion lobby groups. This year DfID gave IPPF £132 million in funding for a two-year programme, despite the ongoing sexual scandals within the company.

Furthermore, in April, Penny Modaunt MP, as International Development Secretary, pledged an additional £42 million to IPPF (alongside Marie Stopes International) to look at the “neglected issue” of safe abortion in developing countries.

Clare McCarthy of Right To Life UK said: “ DfID’s use of taxpayer’s money to fund the pro-abortion research group, Guttmacher Institute, as well as the scandal ridden IPPF is disgraceful.”

“There is no popular support for this international abortion advocacy as 65% of people in Britain oppose the use of taxpayer money being used to fund overseas abortions.”