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New Guinness World record for most premature twins ever

Guinness World Records recognised the world’s most premature twins born at just 22 weeks, who are now a year old and getting stronger every day.

Twins, Adiah and Adrial, were born in Toronto in March last year at only 22 weeks gestation. Adiah weighed only 11.6oz, even less than her brother Adrial who weighed only 14.8oz.

Parents Kevin Nadarajah and Shakina Rajendram had been married for nine years and struggled to have children. After Rajendram had a miscarriage in 2021, she was thrilled to find out she was having twins just a few months later.

All went well until March, her fifth month of pregnancy, when Rajendram started to experience pain.

“Kevin rushed me to our local hospital, and we were told that I was in [labour] and the twins were coming early”, she said.

“I felt in my heart that they would overcome their challenges”.

At just 21 weeks and five days gestation, doctors told the couple that there was almost no chance that even if the twins survived birth, they would live much longer.

“We were devastated, but we were also determined”, she said. “I felt in my heart that they would overcome their challenges”.

Still in labour, Rajendram was transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto where they had the specialist equipment and staff for extremely premature infants.

She said “They were born by natural delivery just one hour after the 22-week mark”.

Her husband added “I had feelings of joy that they were here, but I also worried about the pain they might be in. Their skin was so fragile and thin that you could literally see through to their organs.”

“We didn’t want to sleep because we didn’t know if they would still be alive when we woke up”.

Because the twins were so premature and underdeveloped, they had serious issues with their lungs, digestive problems and bone fractures. Their skin would come off when removing just the surgical tape.

“There were many scary moments, especially early on. The babies almost lost their lives several times during those first few weeks”, Rajendram said. “We didn’t want to sleep because we didn’t know if they would still be alive when we woke up”.

But the twins kept fighting and in time gained weight and overcame their most serious difficulties. Then, after five months in hospital, Adiah was able to go home on 11 August and her brother, Adrial, followed a week later.

Chief paediatrician, Dr Prakest Shah, said “There is still a long way to go with brain growth, heart growth and lung growth because they came so early, but they’re doing remarkably well”.

Last month, the twins celebrated their first birthday.

“We don’t know what the future holds, but we have no doubt that Adiah and Adrial will continue to thrive and do well”, she said. “Someday, when they’re older, I can’t wait to tell them all about the day they were born”.

Right To Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson said “Prospects for extremely premature infants are improving all the time. It’s wonderful after so many years that this couple not only had twins but the most premature ever”.

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