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Make a submission to the Women & Equalities committee consultation on abortion in Northern Ireland

The House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee has launched an Inquiry into Abortion Law in Northern Ireland.

It appears that this inquiry has been set up to try and put more pressure on the Government to impose abortion on Northern Ireland. It is therefore individuals make written submissions to the Inquiry.

Full details on the Inquiry including scope and terms of reference are available here. You can make a submission to the Inquiry on the Commons Select Committee website here.

To ensure that it is as easy as possible for people to submit to the Inquiry we have also put together a submission function which you can access by clicking the button below.

If you have time, we strongly encourage you to update the text to reflect your own views and the key evidence you wish to submit to the Inquiry. To help you with your submission we have outlined some key points on abortion law in Northern Ireland here that you may want to draw on when writing your submission.

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