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Introducing our new digital news platform

We are very excited to be able to share with you the launch this evening of our new digital news platform – Right To Life News.

Right To Life News has been launched so that we can reach a far wider audience of people with the latest pro-life news that will keep people informed and help change even more hearts and minds on life issues.

Our website is already the most viewed pro-life website in Europe and the fourth most viewed pro-life website in the world – and this digital news platform has been built to enable us to reach even more people. 

Our digital team has spent a number of months building the platform from the ground up so that it provides visitors with the world-class user-driven design experience that they would expect from a platform run by a major global media outlet. We have also designed the platform so that it is easily viewable across desktop, mobile and tablet, as increasing numbers of people are accessing content on their mobile phones and tablet devices.

We are concerned that some media outlets are moving to position themselves as journalists ‘campaigning’ for abortion access; the most recent example being the changes to the Guardian’s guidelines on how they report on abortion, a move which follows long-term bias from the BBC in their language guidelines. If this trend continues, it will become increasingly difficult for the mainstream public to be informed on the pro-life side of debates on issues such as abortion.

Right To Life News will ensure that we have a platform where reliable pro-life news is accessible to everyone in the UK and beyond – and that we are not limited by what editors in major newspapers choose to publish. 

Given that there are already great US-focused pro-life news platforms, coverage on the new platform will focus on pro-life news developments outside the United States, particularly on the United Kingdom and Europe, but also covering developments in a number of other countries.

Launching this digitally has meant that providing this service has been financially feasible because we will not face many of the costs that traditional media outlets face with print distribution. This digital model will also mean that we can get content out to readers far more quickly to ensure that our readership is kept up-to-date with breaking news on life issues.

We will also be amplifying the reach of the content featured on the news service through the audience across our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other emerging platforms. This will ensure that very large audiences are seeing the content from the news platform on a daily basis.

This is only the beginning. In 2021 we will be rolling out further plans to increase the number of people we are reaching through the news service. This includes the further roll-out of our syndication programme, where we form relationships with media outlets and allow them to republish our articles free of charge. This has already enabled our articles to be republished by a number of major media outlets with very large audiences – this all helps to ensure we reach many more people and change many more hearts and minds on life issues.

We have launched the service to complement and enhance our current work across the media, public affairs, education and grassroots. We now need to ensure as many people as possible know about the platform and use it on a regular basis.

Make sure you have the platform added to your browser bookmarks/favourites so you can keep up-to-date on the latest developments. Please also let friends and family know about the news service by sharing this update and our articles on social media.