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Important update on abortion law change threat

We wanted to update you on the upcoming threat that we made contact on last week.

The debate and likely vote on the new amendment (NC11) to the Public Order Bill that would introduce ‘buffer zones’ around abortion clinics is now taking place on Tuesday (18 October).

Hundreds of women have been helped by pro-life volunteers outside abortion clinics who have provided them with practical support, which made it clear to them that they had another option other than going through with the abortion. 

If this vital practical support provided by volunteers outside abortion clinics was removed for women, it is likely many more lives would be lost to abortion.

If you have not emailed your MP yet, please click here to contact them now using our tool.

If you have already contacted your MP, we now need your help to get as many emails as possible to MPs as soon as we can.

Please click click the button below and email at least ten people who can help out by contacting their MP.

Alternatively, if you are on WhatsApp and are able to get more people to take action using it, please click the button below and message at least ten people over WhatsApp.

We want to emphasise how important the likely vote on this change to the law is – so anything you can do now to encourage more people to contact their MPs will make a difference.

Many thanks for your help on this.