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How to lose the abortion debate

The abortion movement is facing a long overdue reckoning — and it’s not the right’s fault. Trump’s anti-abortion assault may be powerful, but it’s not why many pro-choice advocates are now questioning their morality.

Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is the culmination of his administration’s four-year attack on the pro-choice camp. Trump is the first sitting president to attend the annual March For Life, sign the Born Alive Executive Order and block Planned Parenthood funds. His bold stand should ignite pro-choice defiance and bolster the pro-choice camp. So why are so many in it doubting their view of abortion?

The problem comes from within the movement itself: the abortion lobby let radical, extreme voices take center-stage. By embracing the ‘celebrate abortion’ and ‘ShoutYourAbortion’ culture, they alienated middle-ground supporters and tipped many over the ideological edge.

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