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Diana Johnson MP’s Abortion Bill Passes to Second Reading: How MPs Voted

Today, Diana Johnson MP received Commons approval for her abortion Bill to progress to Second Reading, by 172-142 votes. The Bill would introduce abortion on demand, for any reason (including sex-selection), up to 28 weeks of pregnancy.

NB: Members of the Scottish National Party (SNP) were absent due to this being a Bill that is only intended to affect England and Wales (abortion law has been devolved to the Scottish Parliament).

Here is how MPs voted:

Noes (142):

Conservatives (123)

Afriyie, Adam

Aldous, Peter

Amess, Sir David

Ansell, Caroline

Bacon, Mr Richard

Bellingham, Sir Henry

Benyon, Richard

Bingham, Andrew

Blackman, Bob

Borwick, Victoria

Brazier, Sir Julian

Bridgen, Andrew

Bruce, Fiona

Burns, Conor

Burns, Sir Simon

Burrowes, Mr David

Cash, Sir William

Caulfield, Maria

Chishti, Rehman

Chope, Mr Christopher

Coffey, Dr Thérèse

Costa, Alberto

Davies, Byron

Davies, Chris

Davies, David T. C.

Davies, Dr James

Davies, Philip

Donelan, Michelle

Dorries, Nadine

Double, Steve

Drummond, Mrs Flick

Duncan Smith, Mr Iain

Elphicke, Charlie

Evans, Mr Nigel

Fallon, Sir Michael

Fernandes, Suella

Field, Mark

Foster, Kevin

Fox, Dr Liam

Francois, Mr Mark

Fuller, Richard

Fysh, Marcus

Glen, John

Goodwill, Mr Robert

Graham, Richard

Gray, James

Grayling, Chris

Green, Chris

Green, Damian

Halfon, Robert

Hall, Luke

Hands, Greg

Hayes, Mr John

Henderson, Gordon

Hoare, Simon

Hollobone, Mr Philip

Holloway, Mr Adam

Howarth, Sir Gerald

Huddleston, Nigel

Jackson, Mr Stewart

Jayawardena, Mr Ranil

Jenkin, Mr Bernard

Johnson, Dr Caroline

Jones, Mr Marcus

Kawczynski, Daniel

Kennedy, Seema

Knight, Sir Greg

Knight, Julian

Lee, Dr Phillip

Lefroy, Jeremy

Leigh, Sir Edward

Letwin, Sir Oliver

Lewis, Dr Julian

Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian

Lord, Jonathan

Mackintosh, David

Main, Mrs Anne

Mann, Scott

Menzies, Mark

Metcalfe, Stephen

Morton, Wendy

Murray, Mrs Sheryll

Murrison, Dr Andrew

Offord, Dr Matthew

Paterson, Mr Owen

Pawsey, Mark

Penning, Mike

Percy, Andrew

Pickles, Sir Eric

Prentis, Victoria

Prisk, Mr Mark

Pritchard, Mark

Pursglove, Tom

Quin, Jeremy

Quince, Will

Redwood, John

Rees-Mogg, Mr Jacob

Robertson, Mr Laurence

Robinson, Mary

Rosindell, Andrew

Selous, Andrew

Smith, Henry

Soames, Sir Nicholas

Spelman, Dame Caroline

Streeter, Mr Gary

Swayne, Sir Desmond

Syms, Mr Robert

Thomas, Derek

Throup, Maggie

Tomlinson, Justin

Tomlinson, Michael

Tracey, Craig

Trevelyan, Mrs Anne-Marie

Turner, Mr Andrew

Vickers, Martin

Walker, Mr Charles

Wallace, Mr Ben

Warburton, David

White, Chris

Whittingdale, Mr John

Wiggin, Bill

Wilson, Mr Rob

Wragg, William

Democratic Unionist Party (8)

Campbell, Gregory

Dodds, Nigel

Donaldson, Jeffrey

Paisley, Ian

Robinson, Gavin

Shannon, Jim

Simpson, David

Wilson, Sammy

Labour (6)

Cooper, Rosie

Flello, Robert

Glindon, Mary

Jones, Helen

Kane, Mike

Maskell, Rachael

SDLP (3)

Durkan, Mark

Ritchie, Margaret

Liberal Democrats (1)

Pugh, Dr. John

Ulster Unionist Party (1)

Kinahan, Danny

Independent (1)

Hermon, Lady Sylvia

Ayes (172):

Labour (146):

Abbott, Ms Diane

Abrahams, Debbie

Alexander, Heidi

Ali, Rushanara

Allen, Mr Graham

Allin-Khan, Dr Rosena

Anderson, Mr David

Ashworth, Jonathan

Barron, Sir Kevin

Beckett, Margaret

Benn, Hilary

Blackman-Woods, Dr Roberta

Blomfield, Paul

Brabin, Tracy

Bradshaw, Mr Ben

Brennan, Kevin

Brown, Mr Nicholas

Bryant, Chris

Buck, Ms Karen

Burden, Richard

Butler, Dawn

Cadbury, Ruth

Campbell, Mr Alan

Campbell, Mr Ronnie

Champion, Sarah

Clwyd, Ann

Coaker, Vernon

Coffey, Ann

Cooper, Julie

Cooper, Yvette

Corbyn, Jeremy

Coyle, Neil

Creagh, Mary

Creasy, Stella

Cryer, John

Cunningham, Alex

Dakin, Nic

David, Wayne

Davies, Geraint

De Piero, Gloria

Debbonaire, Thangam

Doughty, Stephen

Dowd, Jim

Dowd, Peter

Eagle, Ms Angela

Eagle, Maria

Efford, Clive

Elliott, Julie

Elmore, Chris

Esterson, Bill

Evans, Chris

Fitzpatrick, Jim

Flynn, Paul

Fovargue, Yvonne

Foxcroft, Vicky

Furniss, Gill

Gapes, Mike

Gardiner, Barry

Godsiff, Mr Roger

Green, Kate

Greenwood, Lilian

Griffith, Nia

Haigh, Louise

Hamilton, Fabian

Harman, Ms Harriet

Harris, Carolyn

Hayes, Helen

Hayman, Sue

Healey, John

Hopkins, Kelvin

Huq, Dr Rupa

Jarvis, Dan

Johnson, Alan

Johnson, Diana

Jones, Gerald

Jones, Graham

Jones, Mr Kevan

Keeley, Barbara

Kendall, Liz

Kinnock, Stephen

Kyle, Peter

Lavery, Ian

Lewis, Clive

Lynch, Holly

Mactaggart, Fiona

Madders, Justin

Mann, John

Matheson, Christian

McCabe, Steve

McCarthy, Kerry

McDonagh, Siobhain

McDonnell, John

McGovern, Alison

McInnes, Liz

Miliband, Edward

Moon, Mrs Madeleine

Morden, Jessica

Murray, Ian

Nandy, Lisa

Onn, Melanie

Onwurah, Chi

Osamor, Kate

Pennycook, Matthew

Phillips, Jess

Phillipson, Bridget

Powell, Lucy

Rayner, Angela

Reed, Mr Steve

Reynolds, Emma

Rotheram, Steve

Ryan, Joan

Shah, Naz

Sharma, Mr Virendra

Sheerman, Mr Barry

Sherriff, Paula

Shuker, Mr Gavin

Siddiq, Tulip

Skinner, Mr Dennis

Slaughter, Andy

Smeeth, Ruth

Smith, Angela

Smith, Cat

Smith, Jeff

Smith, Nick

Smith, Owen

Smyth, Karin

Snell, Gareth

Stevens, Jo

Streeting, Wes

Stringer, Graham

Stuart, Ms Gisela

Tami, Mark

Trickett, Jon

Turley, Anna

Turner, Karl

Twigg, Stephen

Umunna, Mr Chuka

Vaz, Valerie

West, Catherine

Whitehead, Dr Alan

Wilson, Phil

Winnick, Mr David

Winterton, Dame Rosie

Woodcock, John

Wright, Mr Iain

Zeichner, Daniel

Conservatives (17):

Atkins, Victoria

Blunt, Crispin

Bottomley, Sir Peter

Duddridge, James

Fabricant, Michael

Howell, John

Jenrick, Robert

Lilley, Mr Peter

McCartney, Jason

Mills, Nigel

Mitchell, Mr Andrew

Poulter, Dr Daniel

Shapps, Grant

Shelbrooke, Alec

Soubry, Anna

Warman, Matt

Watkinson, Dame Angela

Liberal Democrats (4):

Brake, Tom

Clegg, Mr Nick

Lamb, Norman

Olney, Sarah

Plaid Cymru (3):

Edwards, Jonathan

Saville Roberts, Liz

Williams, Hywel

Greens (1):

Lucas, Caroline

Independent (1)

Danczuk, Simon

Help stop abortion up to birth for babies with disabilities including Down's syndrome & club foot


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Dear reader

In 2020, the UK Government imposed an extreme abortion regime on Northern Ireland, which included a provision that legalised abortion right up to birth for disabilties including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot.

A new Bill has been launched at the Northern Ireland assembly that will remove the current provision that allows abortion for ‘severe fetal impairment’.

It is under these grounds in the regulations that babies with disabilities including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot can currently be singled out for abortion in Northern Ireland because of their disability and can be aborted right up to birth.

Before the new abortion regime was imposed on Northern Ireland in 2020, disability-selective abortion for conditions such as Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot was not legal and there was a culture of welcoming and supporting people with these disabilities rather than eliminating them.

This is reflected directly in the latest figures (2016) from the Department of Health in Northern Ireland, which show that while there were 52 children born with Down’s syndrome in Northern Ireland, in the same year only 1 child from Northern Ireland with Down’s syndrome was aborted in England and Wales. 

This contrasts with the situation in the rest of the United Kingdom where disability-selective abortion has been legal since 1967.

The latest available figures show that 90% of children diagnosed with Down’s syndrome before birth are aborted in England and Wales.

We are, therefore, asking people like you to take 30 seconds of your time and add your support to the campaign to stop abortion up to birth for disabilities including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot in Northern Ireland.

If you live in Northern Ireland: 
Ask your MLAs to vote to stop abortion up to birth for disabilities including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot:

If you live outside Northern Ireland: 
Show your support by signing this petition in support of the Bill:

Help stop abortion up to birth for babies with disabilities including Down's syndrome & club foot