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Decapitated and mutilated animals dumped outside pro-life pregnancy centre

Three decapitated and mutilated animals have been dumped outside a pro-life pregnancy centre in Orlando, Florida.

Last Wednesday, as a member of staff was leaving JMJ Pregnancy Centre, they discovered the gruesome remains of a dead lamb, chicken and another bird. The animals had been decapitated and appeared to have been mutilated before being dumped in the bushes on the property of JMJ.

The Executive Director of JMJ, Bob Perron, described the affair as “very disturbing, very tragic”.

The pro-life centre, which has been there for thirty-three years, had never witnessed anything like this before.

“Right away I knew it was some kind of attack. Unfortunately, there are people out there that since we don’t refer for abortions, feel violence is the answer”. Perron continued “If there are people that disagree, let’s have a civil discourse, let’s not throw dead animals on your property.”

“It’s happening all over the country to pregnancy centres”, said Perron. “This is not just something happening here in Orlando. It needs to be taken seriously and the people who did this, the perpetrators, should be prosecuted.”

Violence against pro-life pregnancy centres

This incident has come in the wake of a series of violent acts against pro-life pregnancy centres in the US and an assassination attempt on one of the Supreme Court Justices involved in the overturning of Roe v Wade last year.

Justices Alito, Roberts, Kavanaugh and Barrett were all subject to protests outside of their family homes last year. Members of the ‘Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights’ campaign rallied outside Barrett’s home with their hands and mouths taped, wearing blood-stained trousers and carrying dolls.

In June last year, a man, Nicholas Roske, was arrested outside the home of Justice Kavanaugh with a handgun, ammunition, a crowbar and pepper spray. He has been charged with attempted murder. Roske said he had come from California to kill “a specific United States Supreme Court Justice”.

Numerous pro-life pregnancy resource centres have been subjected to graffiti, vandalism and on a number of occasions, arson.

On 10 May 2022, the pro-abortion group, Jane’s Revenge, published a communique demanding the “disbanding of all anti-choice establishments, fake clinics, and violent anti-choice groups within the next thirty days”. The group threatened violence if the demand was not met.

The group claimed responsibility for throwing Molotov cocktails into the Wisconsin Family Center in Madison on 8 May 2022, causing severe fire damage. A pregnancy centre in Buffalo, New York was firebombed on 7 June 2022. The message ‘Jane was here’, was scrawled across the building’s exterior.

On 14 June 2022, the group published a follow-up letter, claiming responsibility for attacks in Madison, Wisconsin; Ft. Collins, Colorado; Des Moines, Iowa; Hollywood, Florida; Denton, Texas; Washington, D.C.; Portland, Eugene and Gresham in Oregon, along with Olympia, Lynwood and Vancouver in Washington state, and Reisterstown and Frederick in Maryland.

Right To Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson said “This appears to be a particularly macabre form of political intimidation, which is utterly condemnable. Hopefully, the police will catch the perpetrators.”

Dear reader,

You may be surprised to learn that our 24-week abortion time limit is out of line with the majority of European Union countries, where the most common time limit for abortion on demand or on broad social grounds is 12 weeks gestation.

The latest guidance from the British Association of Perinatal Medicine enables doctors to intervene to save premature babies from 22 weeks. The latest research indicates that a significant number of babies born at 22 weeks gestation can survive outside the womb, and this number increases with proactive perinatal care.

This leaves a real contradiction in British law. In one room of a hospital, doctors could be working to save a baby born alive at 23 weeks whilst, in another room of that same hospital, a doctor could perform an abortion that would end the life of a baby at the same age.

The majority of the British population support reducing the time limit. Polling has shown that 70% of British women favour a reduction in the time limit from 24 weeks to 20 weeks or below.

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