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Breaking: Govt. to end ‘DIY’ at-home abortion schemes

We just wanted to share some breaking news with you.

The Government has just announced that they will be ending ‘DIY’ at-home abortion services from 30 August 2022.

This is an amazing outcome.

As you know, we have been campaigning over the last two years to have these dangerous ‘DIY’ at-home abortion services ended. This has been met with fierce opposition from abortion providers who have put strong pressure on the Government to allow these abortion services to be made permanent.

Thank you to the tens of thousands of people who have written to their MPs, mobilised friends behind the campaign and completed a series of other actions that have helped in no small way to us getting to today’s outcome.

We also wanted to thank the many doctors, lawyers, academics, MPs, Peers and organisations who have come together over this period to speak out about the litany of safety and safeguarding issues that have been linked to these ‘DIY’ abortion schemes.

Thank you finally to our supporters who have contributed financially to our work to make it possible for us to fight this battle and work together with a large group of individuals and organisations to help achieve this great result today.

You can read more about this great news in our press release here.