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Final 24 hours before the biggest vote on abortion since 1967

Thank you to everyone who has emailed their MP asking them to oppose introducing abortion up to birth and helped get the word out this weekend. There has been an amazing response – MPs are getting a very large amount of emails on this.

We are now less than 24 hours away from facing the biggest single threat to the lives of unborn children since the Abortion Act was introduced in 1967. It is vital that these amendments are defeated on Monday evening.


We need your help to ensure that over the next 24 hours MPs receive a very large number of emails from constituents against the amendment to introduce abortion up to birth.

Even if your MP would usually support more extensive abortion legislation, you can encourage them to oppose these amendments as we are getting feedback from a number of MPs, that usually support abortion, that they are very uncomfortable with allowing abortion up to birth.

This final push will ensure MPs realise just how many people oppose introducing abortion up to birth, and will be wary of the backlash they will likely face if they support this terrible proposal on Monday.

Remember, if the abortion lobby is successful, this will very likely result in many more unborn babies losing their lives to abortion. 

If you have not already emailed your MP asking them to oppose Diana Johnson’s abortion up to birth amendment, please click here to do so now.

Please do think about how you can dedicate some time over these final 24-hours to encourage as many people as possible to contact their MP. Just a few minutes of your time could have a significant impact on how MPs vote on Monday evening.

An easy way to do this is to forward this email to at least another 10 other people asking them to email their MPs urgently. 

Alternatively, if it is easier, please use one of the buttons below to send an email to at least another 10 friends or family members – or message at least another 10 friends over WhatsApp.

Click here to share the campaign on WhatsApp

Click here to share the campaign via email

Thank you for your help over these critical final hours.