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Action alert 🔥 Vote tonight

In the early hours of this morning, Baroness Eaton tabled an amendment (N1) to the Health and Care Bill in the House of Lords that would ensure that under 18s have an in-person consultation with a medical professional before getting an abortion.

This amendment will be debated and voted on TONIGHT.

If this amendment becomes law, it will undo some of the damage that was done by the House of Commons last week when MPs voted to allow ‘DIY’ abortion schemes to operate permanently. 

It will help prevent young girls from being coerced into abortions and having abortions at home beyond the time limit for home abortions in cases where abortion providers have not estimated their gestation correctly over the phone, as has happened already. This would in turn likely help save the lives of many unborn babies.


It is vital that as many Peers as possible support this amendment.

It will be most useful at this stage if Peers receive emails sent directly from your own personal email account.

We have just launched an easy-to-use tool on our website that drafts a custom email for you that includes evidence that makes a strong case for supporting this amendment. This will then be sent to your email address. 

From there, you simply copy and paste the content of the letter into a new email and send it to the assigned Peer’s email address that we will provide. Simple instructions on how to do this will be provided in the email.

This should take around two minutes to complete. I realise this will take slightly more time than the usual actions that we ask you to take, but emails coming directly from your own personal email account will likely have the best chance of persuading Peers on this issue – and the tool makes it easy for you to do this. I also realise that this is very short notice, but the amendment has only just been tabled this morning, so we don’t have much time to act before the debate and vote tonight.

Please take action and click the button below to contact Peers now

The debate and vote is tonight, so please send your emails as soon as possible.

Thank you for your ongoing support.