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Action alert: Submission required now to stop Government making NI law even worse

You may have seen that Baroness O’Loan has joined a number of prominent people from across the community in Northern Ireland condemning the Government’s proposed abortion framework for Northern Ireland.

The Government has launched a consultation on the proposed abortion framework which goes far beyond the existing law in England and Wales, and that of the Republic of Ireland. The proposals also go far beyond what the Government was required to do by the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019. 

This proposed abortion framework is a blatant attempt by the Government to further undermine the will of the people of Northern Ireland. It adds insult to injury after Westminster voted to impose new abortion laws on Northern Ireland and would likely lead to an even larger increase in the number of lives lost to abortion in Northern Ireland. 

We need to make it clear that a very large number of people oppose the proposed abortion framework. Submissions to the consultation close at 11:45pm on Monday, so please make your submission now.

Click the button below to make your submission using our easy to use tool.