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Action Alert: Stop Abortion Lobby Denying Pro-Life Help To Women & Babies

This week, our friends at LIFE Charity have been under serious attack by the abortion lobby, and their allies in the media and political spheres.

This is because the Government have wisely decided to give them £250,000 of money raised by the ‘Tampon Tax’ (5% VAT on women’s sanitary products), for “[h]ousing, practical help, counselling, emotional support and life skills training for young pregnant women who are homeless” in west London.

In their pretence to be authentic feminists, the abortion lobby have tried to attack LIFE through articles and commentary in the media. The abortion industry have also got behind this campaign, attempting to create a public outcry and mobilising its supporters to write to Rob Wilson, the Minister for Civil Society, to have the funding for LIFE withdrawn.

We cannot let them succeed, as this would withdraw money that would go directly to support vulnerable pregnant women. The only way to stop them is to show that many more people support LIFE and its funding than decry it.

To that end, LIFE have set up an e-mail facility that will enable anyone to write to their MPs and support LIFE and the decision to fund them. Please use this facility as soon as you can, and encourage other as many others to do so as possible.

If you visit the Right To Life Facebook page this evening at 20:00, you will find a post that you can share to your own page and that of others, advertising the e-mail facility and encouraging people to use it. Please do like and share this on your social media platforms. by e-mail, and throughout your friendship networks.

Finally, please also sign this petition to Rob Wilson MP, applauding his decision, and supporting the funding for LIFE.

We urge you to please act now to defend true compassionate care to pregnant women and to their unborn children.