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Action alert – Next urgent action re: 22-week amendment

Thank you to everyone who has ordered postcards to send to their MP asking them to support the proposed law change to lower the abortion time limit from 24 to 22 weeks. 

We have had a very good response. If you have ordered postcards over the weekend, they have now been despatched and are on their way to you. If you haven’t ordered postcards yet, you can order them here.

I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be in contact a little more frequently than usual over the next couple of weeks with campaign actions for you to take. These will be easy actions you can take that will be crucial to building momentum behind this pro-life amendment and giving it the best chance of passing. 

If this amendment passes, it will be the first positive change to our abortion laws to happen for over thirty-three years. Many lives will likely be saved from abortion. 

Actions you take, such as writing to your MP, will play a big part in persuading MPs to vote in support of this life-saving legislation.


We are looking to get as many MPs as possible to join the 25 who have already signed amendment NC15, which is the amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill to lower the abortion time limit.

In addition to sending a postcard to your MP, we also need people to contact their MP today via email, asking them to sign NC15. 

If you have sent a postcard already, please make sure that you also email your MP – we need MPs receiving emails today to build the number of names signing the amendment as soon as possible. If you have ordered postcards, please send an email to your MP today while you are waiting for your postcards to arrive, and then post your postcards as soon as possible after they arrive with you.

We have just launched an easy-to-use tool on the Little Fighters webpage that makes it simple for you to send an email to your MP now.

Please click the button below to contact your MP now. It only takes 30 seconds.

If you think your MP will not sign the amendment, please do still email them anyway. The pre-written email in the easy-to-use tool contains important information that our Public Affairs team have put together on the amendment and the case for change, so we want to get this information in front of MPs as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help on this.