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Action alert – Ask your MP to vote against extreme abortion regulations for Northern Ireland

Last year MPs voted to impose an extreme abortion regime on Northern Ireland. The Government then developed new regulations to introduce this abortion regime. The regulations came into effect on March 31st, but have not been approved by MPs or peers yet.

This Tuesday (12 May) MPs will vote on whether to approve them or not. If they are voted down, this will send a very strong signal to the Government that these extreme regulations should not be imposed on Northern Ireland. 

They will then be forced to redraft the regulations to be less extreme or bring forward legislation to allow the new Parliament to vote revoke these regulations, giving back control to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Please click the button below to email your MP asking them to vote against these regulations on Tuesday. It only takes 30-seconds.

Once you have emailed your MP, please do let friends and family know to email their MP too.

Thank you for your help on this.