Right To Life (RTL) was founded in 1998 by Phyllis Bowman DSG, a veteran campaigner and one of the most senior figures in the British right-to-life movement.

Discerning that there was a need for an organisation to provide the necessary campaigning and provision of political intelligence, combined with the modern caring and compassionate work that the campaign for the human right to life required, Bowman decided (though then in her seventies) that a new organisation was necessary for this effort.

Since then, Right To Life have informed ordinary members of the public and enabled them to act as citizens in defence of those whose dignity and life is endangered. Past legislation on which we have mobilised such support include the Mental Incapacity Bill that endangered severely ill patients, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act that sought to enable the production of human embryos, hybrid (animal/human) embryos, and ‘saviour’ siblings, and an amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill that would have legalised assisted death. We document and record how all MPs vote and speak on right-to-life issues, so that voters can be informed with regards to the protection of vulnerable human life and related topics.

RTL has also provided crucial care for women in unplanned pregnancies and their babies, as well as for vulnerable people receiving end of life care, and delivered important educational and legal work, for over ten years. We continue to do so to build a more caring and just society that respects the dignity of all human beings.