We have an Education for Life project that consists of three educational packs. The packs introduce school students from 5 to 18 years to the issues surrounding life and death in an impartial, factual way to encourage discussion.

The packs have been vetted by educationalists and are designed to fit into the national curriculum. They will be circulated, free of charge, to all faith schools (including Catholic, Anglican, Jewish and Muslim schools) and then to all state schools when funds permit.

The third pack includes a DVD Little Stars, a drama-documentary aimed at GCSE and A-level students, which examines both sides of the issues to encourage discussion among young people. This pack is also suitable for university students and we aim to send it to all University and College chaplaincies.

Little Stars features a freephone number, funded by the Trust, for pupils who have been affected by any of the issues in the film. This will carry the contact numbers of several helpful organisations and callers are invited to leave a message if they need to speak to a counsellor and they will be contacted promptly.

Little Stars, Drama-Documentary


The third pack and Little Stars were launched in the House of Commons on 24 February 2009

Education for Life Packs (originally developed for faith schools, secular versions for non-denominational schools forthcoming):


5 – 7 year olds
(Key Stage 1)

                     7 – 11 years old
(Key Stage 2)

How We Began                    How We Began
Human Life                    Human Life
Teachers’ Guidelines                    Human Rights
                   Sanctity of Human Beings
                   Teachers’ Guidelines



11 – 14 year olds
(Key Stage 3)

          14 – 18 years old
(Key Stages 4 & 5)

Abortion – A Life & Death Issue               Euthanasia
Religion – Belief and Abortion               Matters of Life and Death
Reproduction               Respect in Relationships
Catholic Canticles               Role of Media
Teachers’ Guidelines               Use and Abuse of Statistics
              Fetal Sentience
              Catholic Canticles
              Teachers’ Guidelines