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Action alert – Major new amendment

As you may have seen in The Telegraph this morning, a very large cross-party group of 46 MPs have just tabled a new amendment (NC115) to the Criminal Justice Bill. 

This new amendment would help protect women and babies from dangerous late-term home abortions. To keep this email brief, I have included full details on the new amendment at the link below.

This morning we have launched the Protect Both Lives campaign. This is a campaign that will be entirely focused on building support for this important new amendment, which if it becomes law, will save the lives of babies and protect women from late-term abortions.

We have just launched the Protect Both Lives campaign site, which includes an easy-to-use tool that makes it simple for you to send an email to your MP asking them to vote for this amendment.

I know we have asked you to email your MP a number of times recently, but it is really important that you also contact your MP and ask them to support this new amendment so that they are made aware of it.

Please take action now and click the button below to contact your MP using the tool. It will only take 30 seconds of your time.