Remains of thousands of unborn babies discovered in US abortionist’s home

The preserved remains of over 2,000 unborn babies have been found at the Illinois home of a former abortion doctor after his death on 3rd September.

The Will County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that they had found the remains of 2,246 unborn children in Dr Ulrich Klopfer’s home, in north-east Illinois. 

An attorney for the deceased doctor’s family contacted the authorities to inform them of the discovery and to request assistance in the “proper removal of the remains”.

The sheriff’s office added an investigation has been launched into the matter, but saw no evidence to suggest medical procedures were performed at the home.

Klopfer is estimated to have performed tens of thousands of abortion procedures in Indiana, before his license was suspended in 2016 after a hearing with the Indiana Medical Licensing Board.

The board’s panel found the doctor guilty of five of the nine charges he faced, including a failure to ensure that qualified staff were present during abortion procedures and not reporting abortions performed on those under the age of 14.

During the hearing, Klopfer told the story of an abortion he performed on a 10-year-old girl who had been raped by her uncle.

Instead of notifying police about the child abuse, Klopfer allowed the young girl to return home with her parents, who knew about the rape and had refused to prosecute the uncle.

The discovery is reminiscent of what investigators found when they raided the Philadelphia abortion facility of now-imprisoned abortionist Dr Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell, who performed over 16,000 abortions over 31 years, kept the remains of unborn children in freezers above refrigerators that held workers’ lunches at his West Philadelphia abortion clinic.

He was convicted in 2011 to three consecutive life sentences for killing three newborn babies by snipping their spinal cords at the neck, after failed abortion procedures.

Abortionist Michael Roth also kept body parts of his aborted victims.

Republican representative, Jackie Walorski, called the discovery of preserved remains of unborn children in Klopfer’s house as “sickening beyond words”.

In a statement released by her office, she added: “Every human life is precious, and every woman and baby deserves care and respect. This tragic case shows why abortion providers must be held to strict guidelines and face rigorous oversight”.

Right To Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson said:

“We are horrified by the discovery in Illinois and echo calls for the abortion industry to be held to the highest scrutiny, not just in the US but in the UK and around the world.”

“As gruesome as this discovery is, it is no worse than the fact that he ended the lives of these babies in the first place.”

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Mayor of London uses Trump visit as occasion to push extreme abortion agenda


In a two minute video for ELLE UK, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has used Donald Trump’s visit to the UK as an opportunity to promote his own radical abortion agenda.

In relation to recent moves in Alabama and Georgia to implement strong pro-life laws which grant legal protection to unborn children, Khan laments the alleged “rolling back of the reproductive rights of women” as “some states [make] it almost impossible for women to have the right to have an abortion.”

However, there is no “right to have an abortion” at the federal level in the US and neither is there a right to an abortion in the state of Alabama. In fact, the state of Alabama has had a long standing legal precedent supporting the right to life of the unborn child, but has been unable to implement this law due to federal restrictions.

Khan goes on to mention the “consequences of women not having the right to [have an abortion]”. He does not however, mention that since abortion was made legal in the USA in 1973, over 60 million unborn US citizens have lost their lives to abortion nor does he mention the almost 9 million abortions that have taken place in the UK.

Sadiq Khan is known for his extremist abortion views through his support for the pro-abortion group Abortion Rights – a group which not only supports abortion without limit throughout all nine months of pregnancy but also organised a protest against the March for Life singing “We need abortions” drowning out Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor, who was speaking on stage:

The Mayor of London finds himself entirely out of step with the views of those he is supposed to represent given a recent Onward poll showing that London is the most pro-life region of the country. More broadly only 1% of the population want abortion to be available up to birth and over 70% of women want the abortion limit to be reduced to 20 weeks or lower.

In response to the video, many on twitter have criticised Sadiq Kahn for claiming that his wide reaching statements on abortion represent the views and “values” of all Londoners.