Action Alert: Respond To Anti-Conscience General Pharmaceutical Council

On March 07th, a consultation by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) will close that proposes to change the language in their ‘Standards’ (regulations) that will mean that pharmacists who ethically object to providing drugs that are abortifacient (cause a miscarriage) or contragestive (prevent a conceived unborn child from implanting in her mother’s womb) will not be able to conscientiously object to being formally involved with that practice.

As this proposal would be “a significant change” from current practice, the GPhC states that “it is vital that we hear from the public and the profession about this”. We agree. It is literally vital that as many right-to-lifers write to the GPhC in the time that is left to oppose the introduction of this new language.

Arguments against this can be made on the basis of:

  • The right of freedom of conscience as part of equality legislation protections in UK legislation.
  • The right of freedom of conscience as part of international standards.
  • The importance of medical professionals being able to practise according to conscientious principles, for patients and society at large.
  • The practically unhelpful nature of this proposed language for the pharmacy profession and the GPhC itself.

These arguments can be found in Right To Life’s own submission to the GPhC, and in our comment article by RTL Executive Officer Peter D. Williams based on the submission contents.

Supporters are welcome to take the arguments from the submission or article, re-write in their own words, and send using the consultation response form (see pg. 23 onwards) by e-mail to with the subject ‘Religion, personal values and beliefs consultation’.

You can also send your response by post to:
Religion, Personal Values and Beliefs Consultation Response
Policy & Standards Team
General Pharmaceutical Council
25 Canada Square
London E14 5LQ

Please act as soon as you can before March 07th to stand for the freedom of conscience of pharmacists who recognise, and in their professional lives practise respect for, the right to life of the most vulnerable human beings.