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Success of ‘One Of Us’ Pan-European Forum

RTL representatives attended the One Of Us pan-European Forum in Paris this last Saturday, and enjoyed hearing the speeches and the launch of principles that took place that day.

Jaime Mayor Oreja, the President of One Of Us, gave a great first oration in which he explained the need for a new chapter to be written in European history in which behaviour is transformed and resignation removed when it comes to right-to-life advocacy. Life is not just any gift, he reminded us, nor is this any debate: this is about the nature of personal dignity and a crisis of values about which we need to be precise, and find solutions.

French MP Jean-Frédéric Poisson also spoke well about rejecting despair, and walking together on the same attacks on human dignity across Europe. He made an important point about how our culture so frequently discards human fragility (in embryonic human beings, the disabled, and others) because it is inconvenient, instead of helping those who are vulnerable in compassion and justice.

Hungarian Minister Katalina Novak, after celebrating the defence of the right to life of all human beings in the new Hungarian constitution, talked about rediscovering important humane values upon which Governmental decisions must be based. She also affirmed the importance of civic initiatives, the articulation of evidence, and how family is the substance of personal and national life.

Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, the former Spanish Minister of Justice, stated rightly that defending the human right to life is the truly modern and progressive position because it is about defending the weakest members of society; whereas those who do not defend life are stuck in the past, backwards, and have lost confidence in humanity. He also excellently argued that it is not sufficient to only prohibit abortion, but to positively help women who choose motherhood to not be socially penalised for their decision, and to educate new generations.

Really interesting discussions followed about euthanasia in France and Belgium, the Planned Parenthood scandal in America, and how the ‘Baby Gammy’ case in Asia illustrates the international surrogacy trafficking. Pattaramon Chanbua, the surrogate mother in that case who refused to abort her child with Down’s syndrome, received the One Of Us Award at the very end.

The One Of Us Forum was a wonderful occasion, and an important launch of a Europe-wide movement to affirm and defend human dignity and the right to life of all members of the human family!

Pictures of the One Of Us Forum can be see on the One Of Us Facebook page.