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Stormont introduces censorship zones to Northern Ireland

We just wanted to update you on the Abortion Services (Safe Access Zones) Bill.

Sadly, MLAs have just voted in favour of this Bill, which will allow for the introduction of censorship zones across Northern Ireland. 

Ahead of this vote, 29 MLAs signed a Petition of Concern against this Bill that would have prevented it from being able to pass. Unfortunately, 30 MLAs were required for this to be successful.

This loss is disappointing, not only because it goes against what the people of Northern Ireland want, as reflected in recent polling and the submissions made to the consultation on the Bill, but more so for the many women and their unborn children who will now be unable to access the help and support they need from peaceful pro-life volunteers outside the clinics and hospitals that provide abortion in Northern Ireland. 

We have updated our Where Do They Stand platform to include details on whether your local MLAs signed the Petition of Concern. We have also added details on a number of other past votes on abortion so you can be informed about where your local MLAs stand on this issue. Click the button below to see where your local MLAs stand.

Thank you for your ongoing support.