The campaign launched this morning by BPAS and other abortion lobby organisations would promote the most extreme proposals ever conceived by the abortion lobby: abortion up to birth, and for any reason.

Such a total deregulation of this area, if it were affected, would mean the removal of the requirement that two doctors give their ‘good faith’ judgement that the abortion is necessary for certain prescribed reasons, and that doctors alone (not nurses) should carry out abortions. It would also include the license of abortions that most people rightly find abhorrent: such as abortions based on the sex of the unborn child.

Such an agenda is hopelessly out of step with public opinion. In October 2014, a ComRes poll found that 84% of people favoured a total and explicit ban on abortions based on the baby’s sex, including 85% of women. Another ComRes poll in March that same year found a similar figure, with 86% of people favouring a total ban (including 88% of women). This latter poll also found that 89% (92% of women) agreed that a woman requesting an abortion should always be seen in person by a qualified doctor, and 76% (78% of women) agreed that the health of women considering an abortion would be put at risk unless the doctors who sign abortion request forms had also seen the patient.

Even if the proposals of this extreme campaign were not so marginal in their appeal, they would still be thoroughly unethical. As the advent of 4D imaging, improvements in the ability of doctors to save pre-term babies, and better public knowledge of embryology have all made increasingly clear to the wider proportion of Britons, abortion always involves the destruction of an unborn human being. The life of a defenceless child is ended at precisely the time and place where they should be safest.

Peter D. Williams, Executive Officer of Right To Life, said:

“The abortion lobby have demonstrated just how out-of-touch they are with science, medicine, and public opinion. The idea that abortion is just another medical procedure, and that it should be a free-for-all action outside of public ethical concerns is ludicrous. We need more and greater, not fewer and lesser, protections for unborn children and pregnant mothers. That is the trajectory of our culture, and this radical campaign simply shows how starkly society is moving beyond and away from abortion lobbyists’ inhumane ideology”.

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