Pro-abortion groups refuse to condemn attempted forced abortion

Clare McCarthy from Right To Life UK has spoken out after not a single major pro-abortion organisation condemned the ruling ordering a woman to have an abortion against her will, saying:

“[If] they were a ‘pro-choice’ organisation…they would be strongly condemning this case and joining us in our condemnation and in our demonstration outside parliament today.

On Tuesday 25th June, Clare spoke with Eamon Holmes on talkRADIO about the recent decision by Justice Nathalie Lieven to force a mother with a learning disability to have an abortion against her will. The decision was overturned by the Court of Appeal on Monday.

Both Right To Life UK and a representative of the abortion lobby group, Abortion Rights, were invited to attend a discussion on talkRADIO, but Abortion Rights failed to attend the studio for the discussion.

Instead, they released a statement saying that it was “opportunistic for antichoice organizations to use it to attack a woman’s right to choose”.

Clare McCarthy criticised their stance accusing Abortion Rights, and other pro-abortion organisations, of not being ‘pro-choice’ at all, but purely pro-abortion.

“It’s actually really shocking that no major pro-choice organisation has come out to strongly condemn this judge’s ruling because this woman chose to keep her baby and the judge overruled that choice.”

She added: “I think it’s truly disappointing that they did not come out strongly condemning this. And forcing an abortion on a vulnerable woman, and this woman is extremely vulnerable, is a violation of that woman’s bodily autonomy and she inevitably…would have had countless distress because of that forced late-term abortion.”

“So it is really shocking that these pro-choice organisations number one, didn’t join us in the studio today and number two didn’t come out strongly in condemnation of that judge’s ruling”

Following the interview, Right To Life UK joined the campaign group Stand With Her holding a demonstration outside of Parliament demanding that no woman is ever forced by a hospital or the state to undergo an abortion again. The group also want to know how many other women this has happened to in the past.

After the interview, following on from her comments, Clare said:

“In a language guide on their website, the BBC advise to “[a]void pro-abortion, and use pro-choice instead…[a]nd use anti-abortion rather than pro-life.”” The BBC claim this is because pro-choice campaigners “favour a woman’s right to choose, rather than abortion itself.” 

“Such ideological language is deeply dishonest in the first place, but, in light of this forced abortion case where not a single, so-called, ‘pro-choice’ group condemned this judge’s ruling – despite the evident ‘anti-choice’ nature of a judge forcing a woman to have an abortion against her will- it is clear that these groups are ‘pro-abortion’ and not ‘pro-choice’.”

“We expect the BBC, given the prominence of its role as national broadcaster, to update its language guide. It must stop calling groups who are committed to promoting abortion, ‘pro-choice’. This case shows they are not ‘pro-choice’ at all as they will not even condemn forced abortion.”

“The BBC must end this Orwellian abuse of language and stop calling groups ‘pro-choice’ who have proven themselves to be ‘pro-abortion’.”

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