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Press Release: Scandal of £1.1 Billion Of Taxpayers’ Money Pledged, Including For Overseas Abortions

Right To Life is criticising the announcement made by Secretary of State for International Development, Priti Patel, that her Department would increase its aid for ‘family planning’ by 25%. In practical terms, this means an extra £225 million per year, over the next 5 years, amounting to a total now of £1.1 billion in foreign aid in that area.

In May, a poll by ComRes reported that 65% of the public (including 65% of women) oppose UK taxpayer money being spent on abortions overseas. The same poll also reported that 79% of the public (and 84% of women) supported greater public material support for women in unplanned pregnancy.

RTL criticises this announcement, due to the inclusion of abortion in this spending. Speaking at the Family Planning Summit held in London, Ms. Patel confirmed that the enormous sum of extra public expenditure she has pledged would include the provision of so-called ‘safe abortion’ in developing countries.

RTL Executive Officer Peter D. Williams said:

“This is a terrible decision, and one that is out-of-touch with the British public. Abortion is not family planning, nor is it healthcare, and it should not be a priority for Government aid.

It is utterly objectionable that a vast amount of UK taxpayers money be used to end the lives of thousands of unborn children overseas, despite the conscientious objection to this practice by a significant amount of Britons.

It is also nothing short of repugnant that whilst austerity at home is still being applied such that there is a cap on pay increases for those public servants who protect others lives’ (such as nurses, and doctors), the British Government still sees fit to increase spending to compromise the lives of unborn children abroad.

Such a choice by the Government flies in the face of the spending priorities that the British public would prefer, as recent polling shows. Instead of funding the abortion of babies in other countries, DFID should increase aid in areas that have been proven to reduce maternal mortality rates: increased maternal and obstetric healthcare, education, and other areas that care for mother and baby.

Women and children deserve better than abortion, both in the UK and the rest of the world. A more humane approach in touch with public opinion, should characterise Government policy.