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Press Release: RTL Supports Boots UK Resistance Of Abortion Lobby Pressure To Reduce Contragestive Drug Pricing

Right To Life is welcoming and applauding the right decision by Boots UK to resist pressure from the abortion lobby to reduce the prices of morning-after pill (MAPs). RTL is also encouraging supporters not only to write to them affirming their decision, but to consider giving them their custom whilst this policy lasts, instead of chains such as Tesco and Superdrug, which have chosen to lower their prices.

As RTL explains, and has done on previous occasions, morning-after pills (Levonelle and EllaOne) are potential contragestives. This means that they prevent gestation, affecting the lining of the womb such that an already conceived embryo cannot implant in her mothers womb. This makes contragestives medically different to abortifacients (which cause the miscarriage of an already gestating unborn child), but morally equivalent in their effects.

RTL Executive Officer Peter D. Williams, said:

“This decision by Boots UK is absolutely right, and to be applauded. They say that they will not lower their prices because they do  not wish to be accused of incentivising inappropriate use”, and whilst they will still make and sell these drugs, this approaches a less inhumane and slightly more integral approach than that of their competitors.

We encourage those sympathetic to the dignity and rights of unborn children to write to Boots UK in support of their decision, and to consider transferring their pharmaceutical custom for as long as this relatively better policy lasts, away from other providers that have more cravenly caved to the bullying of the abortion lobby”.