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Press comment – Leaked draft US Supreme Court abortion ruling



Leaked draft US Supreme Court abortion ruling

Right To Life UK spokesperson, Catherine Robinson, said:

“To the extent that this leaked document is an attempt to put public pressure on the Court so that it will not overturn the current abortion law, it is a scandalous attack on the rule of law. It is the job of the Court to interpret the law in light of the Constitution and it should not be swayed by political lobbying in this matter”.

“However, Justice Alito’s majority opinion represents an opportunity to overturn an unjust law that has led to the deaths of over 62 million babies since 1973. If Roe vs Wade were to be overturned, it would be the beginning of the legislative battle over abortion, certainly not the end”.

“Importantly, this law change would not actually ban abortion or prevent anyone from having an abortion. Rather, it makes abortion law a matter for states to decide. Some states will allow abortion without restriction and others will likely provide robust legal protection for unborn children throughout pregnancy”.