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Press Release: Increased Abortion Rates Highlight Injustice of UK Abortion Practice, and Consequences of BPAS Campaign for Abortion up to Birth and for any Reason

The Department of Health’s latest abortion statistics for England and Wales released today remind us of the injustice and brokenness of Britain’s abortion system.

In 2015, the number of abortions notified as taking place in England and Wales increased to 191,014 (a rise in the abortion rate to 16.0 per 1,000 resident women aged 15-44), of which 185,824 took place on UK residents. The number of repeat abortions also went up to 70,294 (over a third of total abortions), and the number of late-term abortions to 2,877.

The number of abortions for disability – which are legal up to birth – increased from 3,099 to 3,213, including abortions for babies with Down’s syndrome, from 662 to 689.

These figures, as every year, highlight the inherent injustice of abortion practice in the UK. Unborn children are already the most vulnerable of our fellow human beings, and subject to the ultimate form of unjust discrimination. Yet disabled unborn children are particularly targeted by our culture and medical system.

All this should provoke us to work towards a better legal and medical consensus that enables better protection and support for pregnant mother and their babies.

By contrast, if the campaign by BPAS and other abortion lobby groups were ever implemented (as unlikely as that is, given the profound lack of public support for such a proposal), it would mean not only the continuance of these injustices, but the worsening of abortion practice. We would join a small international club of countries that include China, and Vietnam, places with high abortion rates.

If the UK ever followed the model in places like Canada or the Australian state of Victoria, it would mean that these statistics would not be collected, and a total lack of transparency and proper regulation would be introduced into the UK. In Canada, this has meant the notable rise of the phenomenon of sex-selective abortion, an uncontrollable reality given the lack of any law governing abortion in that country.

Peter D. Williams, Executive Officer of Right To Life, said

“Today’s abortion stats highlight the dark reality of abortion in the UK, and the necessity of humanising of attitudes towards the unborn child and ridding society of the unjust discrimination that abortion enables.

We know from women’s groups such as Jeena International that women from ethnic minority communities report to them the misogynistic practice of sex-selective abortion. We also know very explicitly from the ongoing debate about pre-natal screening that 90% of babies of children with Down’s syndrome are screened out through abortion. We need laws that better protect and support such children, and their families.

All this should raise in our minds what the consequences would be of following the advice of the abortion industry, such as Cathy Warwick the BPAS Chair of Trustees and also RCM Chief Executive, by removing abortion from the law altogether. We could see Vietnam-level high abortion rates and the hidden sex-selective abortions we see in jurisdictions like Canada.

Contrary to the abortion lobby’s extreme agenda, and with the consistent witness of public opinion, we need to move towards greater not lesser recognition and protection of the dignity and rights of unborn children”.