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New Year ‘Abortion and the Law’ Event Series

Happy New Year! Right To Life is pleased to announce our association with the London Legal Salon in their event series on ‘Abortion and the Law’ in February and March this year, which will examine the political climate around abortion in the 21st Century. Also associated for the last two events is the King’s College London Life Society, who will be hosting both at the Strand Campus of King’s College itself.

Particularly, the second event will be a debate on the moral status of unborn children between RTL Executive Officer Peter D. Williams and Ann Furedi, the Executive Director of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), Britain’s largest abortion provider. This will be one of the most forensic public debates ever held on this central ethical issues of our time, with two figures at the forefront of the abortion controversy.

The full schedule of events:

‘Abortion and Protest: Do We Need Buffer Zones?’ (February 10th, 19:00, October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, WC1N 3AL. £5 tickets) In late 2014, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) and other abortion lobby organisations introduced a campaign for ‘Buffer Zones’ around their abortion facilities, saying that the protests of organisations like 40 Days For Life and Abort67 cause unwarranted levels of “distress” to those seeking to access “lawful healthcare”. The Labour Party indicated their support for the idea. Is this an acceptable limitation on the freedom to protest, or an unnecessary expansion of the law into the regulation of free speech? Speakers: Prof. Frank Furedi (University of Kent), Dr. Tim Stanley (Daily Telegraph)

‘Abortion – A Legal History’ (February 17th, 19:00, Upstairs at the The Perseverance Pub, WC1N 3NB) This seminar will present the history of abortion law in the 20th Century and invite discussion. Readings will be provided in advance. Speaker: Barbara Hewson (Barrister)

‘What is the Moral Status of the Unborn Child?’ (24th February, 18:15-20:45, Room KU4.12, King’s College London) Our moral status prior to birth is one of the most contentious ethical issues of modern times. Should a human being at any stage of development before they are born be considered to be a subject of moral concern? Indeed, at what stage does an unborn child become worthy of such consideration, if at all? Speakers: Ann Furedi (Chief Executive, British Pregnancy Advisory Service); Peter D. Williams (Executive Officer, Right To Life)

‘Abortion and Free Speech: Whose Opinion Matters?’ (March 03rd, 19:00, October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, WC1N 3AL. £5 tickets) In 2014, a debate at Oxford University between two male journalists was cancelled following a campaign by students. The campaign voiced concerns that the debate would not include a female contributor and would not be fully representative. Do men’s opinions matter in the discussion on abortion? Is a debate on the morality of abortion possible in the absence of a female perspective? Is it a debate open to all or do some views matter more than others? Speakers: Ella Whelan (Writer for Spiked Online, recent student, and defender of open and free debate); Tim Squirrell (Erstwhile President of the Cambridge Union, and advocate of ‘safe space’ policies)

RTL encourages all supporters to attend this exciting line-up! Up-to-date details are being kept on this page, so do refresh to see the latest details. If you plan on attending any of the events, please e-mail so that the organisers have an idea of numbers!