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New E-Democracy Website Records Parliamentary Candidates’ Views On Life Issues

A new e-democracy website, ‘Where Do They Stand?’, has been recently launched that records the positions of candidates from the top three parties on life issues. It allows any British voter to find out what the expressed views of their local candidates are, or else enables them to contact and ask candidates who have yet to clarify their positions.

Given that this would help the public make an informed vote, it’s a resource worth noting especially for right-to-lifers! RTL encourages all supporters to use the website to contact, as a local constituent, any prospective parliamentary candidates in their constituency whose views are missing.

A limitation of the site is that its makers have apparently decided to only record the top three Westminster parties in each constituency. If you wish to find out the views of minority party Westminster candidates (SNP, Plaid Cymru, UKIP, Greens, etc.), do contact Right To Life at for help on how to ascertain this information.