Netflix boycott Georgia for pro-life laws. Pro-lifers respond by boycotting Netflix

The media giant, Netflix, is actively attempting to undermine new pro-life legislation in Georgia set to come into law early in 2020. The company is joining forces with the pro-abortion lobby group, the ACLU, in its commitment to funding the legal challenge to this law which protects unborn lives.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, stated they will be “work[ing] with the ACLU and others to fight it in court.”

However, Netflix has come under fire for its apparent hypocrisy because, while the company is actively seeking to prevent laws coming into effect which protect the life of the unborn child and threatening to leave the state of Georgia if this does happen, it is stepping up production in Egypt and Jordan where abortion is completely illegal.

Not wanting to fund a pro-abortion effort to prevent a law that protects unborn from coming into effect indirectly,  pro-life groups have responded by unsubscribing from Netflix and organising a boycott of their services.

Why Georgia? Why now?

On the 7th May, Georgia’s Governor, Brian Kemp, signed a law that grants near total legal protection to unborn children. House Bill 481 restricts abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected except in cases of rape, incest, physical medical emergencies, and pregnancies deemed “medically futile.”

It is understood that media companies have been operating in Georgia due to the tax incentives offered by the state. Disney has also threatened to boycott Georgia should its pro-life laws come into effect.

Right To Life UK is also encouraging pro-lifers to boycott Netflix by cancelling their subscription and signing a petition. Those who do not have a subscription to Netflix are encouraged to sign the petition too signalling their intent not to start using Netflix and their intent to encourage family and friends to boycott Netflix as well.

Clare McCarthy from Right To Life UK said: “I cancelled my subscription today. I cannot support a company that I know is actively trying to promote abortion by doing everything it can to ensure the rights of unborn children are not recognised in law. If that means not being able to watch a couple of my favourite shows, it’s a small sacrifice I’m happy to make.”

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