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‘Don’t Screen Us Out’ Parliamentary Demonstration, 18th April

Right To Life is encouraging all supporters to attend the Don’t Screen Us Out Parliamentary Demonstration, which has been organised by the Don’t Screen Us Out campaign (a coalition of disability rights campaigners, including Saving Down’s).

The demonstration will be to oppose the implementation of cfDNA screening into the national Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme, and to raise awareness amongst Parliamentarians.

As Right To Life noted when reporting on the National Screening Committee consultation, if Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP signs the implementation it is projected that this would lead to an increase in the number of babies with Down’s syndrome detected every year, and given the lack of support for parents who are given such a diagnosis – or even just a prognosis – it would lead to 92 more such babies aborted annually. This would be a 13% decline in the number of children with Down’s syndrome born every year.

The Don’t Screen Us Out campaign are calling for cfDNA implementation to be delayed until changes are made to the way the health system deals with fetal disability, and proper support is provided for parents, such that they will not feel pressured – as they currently do – to abort their babies in the womb with disabilities. For more information on these issues, see Don’t Screen Us Out’s campaign briefing, and well-detailed FAQ.

Please come to the demonstration for as long as you can, register your attendance at the Demonstration Facebook event page, and use the Don’t Screen Us Out campaign’s website to write to your MP and urge them to contact Jeremy Hunt to delay the implementation of cfDNA until medical reforms are made that would lead to the care, not the killing, of disabled unborn children.