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Debate: ‘What is the Moral Status of the Unborn Child?’

Our moral status prior to birth is one of the most contentious ethical issues of modern times. Should a human being at any stage of development before they are born be considered to be a subject of moral concern? Indeed, at what stage does an unborn child become worthy of such consideration, if at all?

On the 24th of February, a major debate will be taking place on the question, ‘What is the Moral Status of the Unborn Child?’. Hosted and co-organised by the King’s College Life Society, this will be the third in the ‘Abortion and the Law’ series of events by The London Legal Salon in association with Right To Life.

Starting at 18:15, and ending at 20:45, this debate will include rebuttal and cross-examination periods, and be one of the most forensic contemporary debates held on the central issue in a variety of social and political controversies, including abortion and embryo-destructive forms of scientific research and medical practice.

The Speakers will be:

Ann Furedi, Executive Director, British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS)

Peter D. Williams, Executive Officer, Right To Life (RTL)

The debate will take place at Room KU4.12, at the Strand Campus of King’s College London (WC2R 2LS).

It would be best to arrive at King’s from 17:50ish-18:00ish onwards to get to the room in good time. If you plan to attend, it would be helpful to register your attendance on Facebook, and to also please e-mail, so that the organisers have an idea of numbers!