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‘Amnesty’s Travesty of Human Rights’ Blog Series Launched for #AmnestyTravesty Campaign

Right To Life (RTL) and Life Charity have launched a new five-part blog series, written by RTL Executive Officer Peter D. Williams, on ‘Amnesty’s Travesty of Human Rights’, which accounts and critiques the campaign for worldwide abortion decriminalisation by Amnesty International (AI). The series will show how AI’s deliberate ignoring of the humanity and dignity of unborn children leads them to have a view of human rights that is utterly inconsistent with their founding principles, and how their case for decriminalised abortion is based on a false interpretation both of human rights law and the material situation of maternal health.

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Part 1: ‘Amnesty’s Travesty of Unborn Humanity’

Part 2: ‘Amnesty’s Travesty of the Human Right To Life’

Part 3: ‘Amnesty’s International Travesty of Maternal Health and Life’

Part 4: ‘Amnesty’s Travesty of the Savita Tragedy’

Part 5: ‘Amnesty’s Travesty of Ireland and Maternal Mortality’


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