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ACTION: Contact Peers About ‘Mitochondrial Donation’ (‘Three Parent Embryos’) Regulations

Last week, the House of Commons voted in favour of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Mitochondrial Donation) Regulations, that would license the destruction of embryonic human beings in genetic manipulation that would produce children with three or four genetic parents, the first time in history where the human germline (the genetic inheritance of humanity) will be artificially altered. RTL wrote a briefing on the basic issue last year.

MPs were only given 90 minutes to debate the issue (compared, as Lord Alton of Liverpool has pointed out, to 90 hours they were given to debate fox-hunting), just before they spent three hours debating a Backbench Business Committee motion on “Rural Phone and Broadband Connectivity”.

There is, however, still one last hurdle to go before they become law: the House of Lords. Peers will consider the regulations on the 24th of February – just less than two weeks away – and will be able to consider in greater depth the ethical, legal, and practical issues that MPs glossed over.

You can make a difference to Peers’ awareness by e-mailing them directly. This is made easy to do by the website utility given here, which enables you either to contact an randomly selected Lord, or select one yourself, and send them a standardised message which you can edit.

Please do this today, and help the House of Lords to perform the scrutiny, and do the work that the House of Commons failed to do!

Mitochondrion image from Dr. David Furness, Keele University.