How you can help get the word out about the Both Lives Pledge

We are now facing a true crossroads this election. The make-up of the next parliament will decide whether we will lose all remaining protections for the unborn child, introducing abortion up to birth or, go the other way, introducing positive new protections that will save lives.


It needs to be absolutely clear to your local candidates that the people in your constituency are against introducing extreme abortion laws in the UK and are instead supporting measures to further protect the unborn child and support mothers.

This is where you can help. We need to get the word out as far and wide as possible so that as many people as possible ask their MP candidates to sign the Both Lives Pledge.

Below is a list of simple actions you can take to help get the word out today. Please do consider doing at least one of these actions and if you do have more time, please do complete more of them.

1. Change your profile picture on Facebook
Change your Facebook profile picture to the ‘I’m voting for Both Lives’ profile picture. This will help thousands more people know about the Both Lives Pledge.

2. Get the word out through your local community groups or churches
Approach local community groups or churches and ask if they will mention the Both Lives Pledge in their newsletters, directly to their supporters // parishioners at events or services, in emails, by distributing flyers etc. When you click the button below, you will see that we’ve written a draft message for you, so this should only take a couple of minutes.

(Click here to print off flyers which can be distributed)

3. Ask friends or family to sign the Both Lives Pledge
Message or email friends and family asking them to write to their candidates. When you click the button below, you will see that we’ve written draft messages for you, so this should only take 30-seconds.

4. Share the Both Lives Pledge on social media
Share the Both Lives Pledge on Facebook or Twitter.

5. Organise a local MP candidate hustings
Organise a hustings session for your local candidates and during the hustings ask them to key questions on life issues.

Lord Alton: ‘Denying a right to life should deny a right to your vote’

Find out where your local candidates stand on abortion.

Speaking tonight (November 28th 2019) at Oxford University’s Keble College, David Alton (Lord Alton of Liverpool) will say that:

“Political parties and their candidates gravely underestimate millions of the quiet people of Britain when they assume that no-one reads the small print of their manifestos – and cast their votes accordingly.

“They have read the Labour Party’s commitment to bring in a new law to permit abortion up to birth and the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to abortion up to 24 weeks into pregnancy. This is a licence to kill babies who can be born and live.

“Combined with the delisting and deselection of candidates, because they dare to question the humanity of ending the lives of 9 million babies in the womb, this trespasses into an area which was once entirely a matter of conscience and a subject worthy of free speech.

“Along with the Conservative Party, the Opposition parties have also supported the imposition of abortion in Northern Ireland – making a mockery of devolution.

“All of this, and their combined refusal to support legislation to strengthen conscience provision – for people like midwives who do not want to be involved in one abortion every three minutes –  reveals an illiberalism that discredits democratic politics.

“Conscience, constituents, country should come before conformism to Party dogma.

“I salute those brave candidates, from all parties, who have signalled their willingness to be politically courageous rather than politically correct, to insist that both lives matter, and to speak truth to power, and to vote accordingly in Parliament.

“I hope that before casting their votes electors will establish where their local candidates stand and put the very right to life above all other considerations.”

The abortion lobby has made it clear that they will be seeking to introduce an extreme abortion proposal in the next Parliament, most likely as an amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill.

Right To Life UK is encouraging constituents to find out where their MP candidates stand on abortion by visiting where it takes 30 seconds to ask their candidates to sign the Both Lives Pledge.

Lord David Alton will be speaking to Oxford Students for Life at 6pm tonight.

Find out where your local candidates stand on abortion.

All opinions expressed here are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of Right To Life UK.