Urgent action alert – Serious threat in Lords this afternoon. Please email a Peer now.

Pro-abortion campaigner Baroness Barker and colleagues have brought forward a series of amendments (12,19, 21 and 24) to the Northern Ireland Bill in the Lords which will make Stella Creasy’s abortion amendments from the Commons far worse.

If these amendments pass, abortion on demand, for any reason, up to 28 weeks will be introduced to Northern Ireland. Thousands of lives are likely to be lost.

These amendments are likely to be voted on within hours.

Please use the function below to take 30-seconds to write to a Peer asking them to vote against the Barker amendments this afternoon.

Once you have emailed a Peer, please urgently get friends and family to do the same.

Scottish MP who opposed NI abortion amendment receives hundreds of abusive messages and fears deselection

An MP for the Scottish National Party, Lisa Cameron, is concerned she will be deselected by her party after voting against an amendment which would force abortion on Northern Ireland.

The abortion amendment was attached to the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill and 332 MPs voted in favour of undermining the sovereignty of Northern Ireland, by usurping its devolved powers to impose abortion law from Westminster.

Scotland has its own devolved powers so the SNP typically make a point of abstaining on matters which relate to the devolved powers of other regions in the UK.

However, in an unusual move, the party abandoned its own principles and allowed a vote for its members on these amendments. Now, SNP MPs who voted in favour of Northern Ireland retaining its devolved abortion powers, are concerned they will lose their position in the party.

Lisa Cameron MP said her office had received more than 900 messages, including “abuse” and “cyberbullying” after she voted against the amendment.

She said she had informed the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, but had not yet received any response from the SNP leader.

Dr Cameron and her party colleague, Peter Grant, both voted against undermining devolution and forcing abortion on Northern Ireland. 

While the matter was a free vote, for individuals to decide how to vote in line with their own conscience, Nicola Sturgeon made clear that she supported abortion.

Dr Cameron fears she will be stopped from standing again for the seat she first won in 2015.

Cameron said: “It was a free vote, a conscience vote. I didn’t rebel or vote against the party whip. And yet now it’s virtually certain that abusive party activists will make sure I’m deselected and lose the job I love.”

The MP added: “The attacks on me have been nothing less than vitriolic. One individual threatened to come over and ‘abort me’.”

“But I am sad to say that I have as yet received no response. I hope I will receive support from the party hierarchy soon. I’m getting all this abuse but no one in the party will call out the abusers. In a few short days, my life has been turned on its head and it looks like I will be ousted. The situation is very serious.”

She has also written to SNP MP Patrick Grady, who is the party’s chief whip at Westminster, who confirmed to her “a free vote was in place in order that members could vote with their conscience, and that the reason conscience votes exist is for areas where there can’t be a defined party policy”.

Northern Ireland continues to have strong legal protections for unborn babies and 100,00 people are now alive in the region because the 1967 Abortion Act does not apply there.

Clare McCarthy from Right To Life UK said:

“It is disgraceful that this MP should receive such abuse for voting in favour of keeping normal democratic processes in Northern Ireland and respecting devolution.”

“If she is deselected from the SNP, it not only shows how far the party has completely bought into the abortion ideology, but also raises questions about what exactly the point of a free vote is. A vote is hardly ‘free’ if voting the ‘wrong’ way gets you kicked out of the party.”

Abortion amendment added to government Bill could introduce abortion until 28 weeks in Northern Ireland

A last-minute amendment, added to the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill, which would see abortion being forced on Northern Ireland up to 28 weeks gestation, is being debated today (17/07).

Baroness Barker has brought forward a series of amendments to this Bill, which, if passed, will implement an extreme abortion law in Northern Irelandm making abortion available up to 28 weeks. This is more extreme than the law in the rest of the UK which has legal abortion up until 24 weeks and the Republic of Ireland which allows abortion up until 12 weeks gestation.

In an on-going saga in the Houses of Parliament, a Bill designed to extend the period for the formation of an Executive, has been hijacked by pro-abortion politicians to force abortion on Northern Ireland.

The original amendments, brought forward by pro-abortion MP Stella Creasy and widely thought to be outside the scope of the Bill, were only introduced and made known less than  an hour before they were debated.

In spite of the fact that abortion remains a devolved issue in Northern Ireland, and the fact that every single MP representing Northern Ireland in Westminster voted against this amendment, 332 MPs in Westminister – who don’t represent Northern Ireland – voted to force abortion on Northern Ireland.

However, for technical legislative reasons, Creasy’s amendment to the Bill would have been unable to function as intended and therefore, would not have been able to introduce abortion into Northern Ireland.

Now pro-abortion campaigner Baroness Elizabeth Barker and colleagues have brought forward a series of amendments to the Northern Ireland Bill in the Lords which would make Stella Creasy’s abortion amendments from the Commons far worse.

Not only would it force abortion on Northern Ireland, it would not allow the Northern Ireland Assembly to have any say on the matter.

Baroness Barker’s amendments propose to remove sections 58 and 59 of the Offences Against the Person Act (1861). This would remove legal protections for the unborn child in Northern Ireland, and abortion would be legal up until 28 weeks under the Infant Life Preservation Act/Criminal Justice (Northern Ireland) Act (1929).

Right To Life UK have set up a function so that you can email a member of the Lords, urging them to vote against these amendments

Clare McCarthy from Right To Life UK said:

“If you can, it is vitally important that you email a member of the House of Lords. If this amendment is not defeated, abortion legislation could be imposed on a region which does not want it. Lives are at stake.”

“There are 100,000 people alive today because Northern Ireland rejected the 1967 Abortion Act, but the Houses of Parliament in Westminster apparently do not care about that at all.”