We are currently facing an unprecedented assault from the abortion lobby who are using the COVID-19 crisis to attempt to make widespread changes to abortion legislation.

With your help we can push back against these threats and save more precious lives from abortion.

The abortion lobby have already been successful at using the Coronavirus crisis to temporarily introduce home ‘DIY abortions’ to England, Wales and Scotland.

This will not only likely lead to more lives lost to abortion but also puts the safety and health of women at further risk, as women will be performing their own ‘DIY’ abortions on themselves at home without a medical professional presents.


They are now eager to see more widespread changes to abortion law enacted,  and are going to try and use the COVID-19 crisis to introduce them.

In Northern Ireland they are now pushing for ‘DIY’ abortions to be introduced there. In England, Wales and Scotland, their next target is to put a lot of pressure on the Government to make the temporary measure to allow ‘DIY’ home abortions permanent. The Domestic Abuse Bill is then going to shortly progress through Second Reading and Committee Stages in Parliament. The abortion lobby are not hiding the fact that they intend to hijack the Domestic Abuse Bill and use it as a vehicle to introduce extreme changes to abortion law across England and Wales. We know that the abortion provider, BPAS, is pouring large amounts of money into expanding their lobbying and campaigning capabilities to secure this change, and a number of elected MPs pledged to support this change in the run-up to the election last year. This campaign has been very clear about what they want – abortion on demand, for any reason, up to birth.


As you can see, we will be facing one of the largest challenges we have ever faced on life issues in the UK over the next couple of months – and we will be facing this across multiple fronts.

When the abortion lobby brought forward their amendments to the Coronavirus Bill they were intending to make far wider changes to the law beyond introducing ‘DIY’ abortions. Thanks to your ongoing support we were able to mobilise MPs, media contacts and supporters in constituencies around the country to ensure there was a large amount of pressure on the Government to not accept the widespread changes the abortion lobby were demanding be passed as part of the Coronavirus Bill.

Fighting the abortion lobby over this period has already made a huge dent in Right To Life UK’s limited resources.

The planned activities to ensure the abortion lobby is defeated over the coming months are going to make a further gap in our already depleted resources. We need to ensure that we have the funds in place so that we can effectively take on this fight along with continuing our vital day-to-day life-saving work.

To cover this gap and ensure we effectively defeat the abortion lobby’s proposals during this period, we must raise at least £122,000.

We understand that many of you are under immense pressure financially at the moment. If this is the case for you, please ensure that your priority is your family during this period. If you are under financial pressure, we want to emphasise that we are not asking you to give at this time.

But for those who can help, I am asking that you consider making a donation.

Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference. If you’re not based in the UK, please do still consider supporting the appeal, as a change to abortion legislation in the UK will likely put more pressure on a number of other countries overseas to change their abortion laws during the Covid-19 crisis.

The most helpful way to give over this period is by becoming a regular giver to Right To Life UK. This will ensure we have a steady regular income during this period to cover all the activities that will be required during this crisis period alongside continuing to build our core day-to-day work.

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