Debates, Discussions, & Media

Here you will find Right To Life’s view on the current practical legislative and social issues as well as comment in print, television, or radio media.

Videos of Right To Life media appearances and debates:

Inside Story – Should minors have euthanasia rights? (Al Jazeera)

Do ‘Mercy Killings’ Justify Assisted Suicide? (BBC Radio)

How Many Do You See? (Brighton and Sussex Medical School)

What is the Moral Status of the Unborn Child? (London Legal Salon)

Abortion: a choice for a woman or society? (Manchester Salon)

Should we legalise assisted dying? (Leeds Salon)

Inside Story – Ireland’s abortion controversy (Al Jazeera; RTL Executive Officer Peter D. Williams appearing in a personal capacity)

Abortion: a medical or moral choice? (Battle Of Ideas Festival 2012)

Freedom of speech for anti-abortion protesters? (Free Speech Debate)